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Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine

Allergies, Asthma

If you suffer from allergies then it is sensible to avoid the allergen as much as possible if this aggravates your symptoms. There are some methods of treating allergies by controlled exposure to the allergen in an attempt to desensitize your immune system. However, from experience a practical solution is to not tempt providence and create a cascade of symptoms by ingesting, inhaling or otherwise coming into contact with the triggers for your own symptoms.

Acupuncture and Osteopathy, particularly Cranial Osteopathy can greatly reduce Hayfever and Rhinitis symptoms.  Even asthma can have a structural component in rib mechanics and poor breathing patterns. Besides Physical therapy (e.g. Osteopathy) there are other ways to improve poor breathing: e.g. yoga or the Buteyko method. See:


Allergens tend to be proteins (e.g. gluten, nuts, shellfish, pollens) and your immune system overreacts to them, as if they were harmful bacteria, and mobilizes a cascade of inflammatory mediators (histamine, leucotrienes, postraglandins, etc).

Airborne allergens such as pollens and pet dander can be greatly reduced with HEPA filters, Ionisers, and other products to minimize contact.

One of the best web-sites I have found for almost every allergy related product on the market is:

There are extensive product ranges for: asthma, respiratory, COPD, eczema, irritant contact dermatitis, hayfever and rhinitis. This UK based company will post to NZ. Small packages and not hugely expensive items (around $400 or less) do not attract GST at customs.