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Channels and Meridians

'Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.'

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is based on a medical system many thousands of years old. It works by inserting ultra-fine needles below the skin, to re-balance the body’s energy moving both internally and also externally (near the surface) through a system of channels called ‘meridians’.

After an acupuncture needle (disposable — single use only) is inserted, a not unpleasant tingling or dull aching sensation is often felt. This is a sign that the treatment has affected the movement of vital energy (which could be deficient, excessive, or simply not moving).

The theory of acupuncture is that these channels that flow between the interior and exterior of the body can be affected at specific points along the course of the meridian. There are several hundred acupuncture points, although only around one hundred points are commonly used, and there has been a great deal of research in recent years which has identified acupuncture points as areas of decreased electrical resistance on the skin, and very often areas at or near peripheral nerve pathways.



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