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Traditional vs dry-needling (western acupuncture)

Traditional Acupuncturists training is a three or four year full-time degree (in NZ, Australia or the UK. Five years in China). Some other Health professionals (physiotherapists, doctors, midwives, some osteopaths) have only trained in very short courses (sometimes even one, possibly two weekends!) and can still use the word ‘acupuncture’ as this is not a protected title (like Osteopath or Physiotherapist). They often use the words ‘Western acupuncture’ (in the UK ‘medical acupuncture’) or ‘dry-needling’ — as opposed to ‘wet-needling’, as this technique can be just as effective as hydrocortisone (steroid) injection into a painful area.

Traditional Acupuncture is much more thorough than simply treating only the ‘trigger points’ (where it hurts) and generally, with a good practitioner, the results are better. Traditional acupuncture addresses the whole person energetically, mind body and spirit, and does not simply treat one isolated area alone.

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