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Acupuncture or Osteopathy Fees

Any osteopath can lodge a new ACC claim for you — you don't have to go to your GP for this.
You generally get ACC for any injury or event where you overload or over-strain any muscle or body site from lifting, carrying, falling, jumping, excessive training or weight lifting, or any sports or gym injury, moving furniture, boxes, loading cars vehicles, etc.


ACC osteopathy or acupuncture (or both): $50

New patient ACC 40 minute appointment: $55

new ACC claims for patients who have been before: $50

ACC surcharge children (under 17) and full-time students (under 25): $45
new patient  ACC children 40 minute appointment: $50

non-ACC private patient: $80

New private patient (non-ACC) 40 minute appointment: $85

Children, full-time students (under 25): $70

1st children's consultation-treatment as a new patient (40 minute appointment): $75

I treat children from 5 years + older. For pediatric osteopaths who treat young children and infants see Children and Infants.


After Hours ACC osteopathy or acupuncture: $60
New patient After-Hours ACC 40 minute treatment: $65
After Hours means 5.30pm or a later appointment on weekdays, and any appointment on weekends and public holidays.
After Hours ACC Fees for Children and full-time students (under 25): $50. Initial appointment $55.

After Hours non-ACC private patient : $90
New patient After-Hours 40 minute treatment : $95
After Hours non-acc fee for children and full-time students (under 25): $80. Initial children's After-hours appointment $85.

In extenuating circumstances, or cases of genuine hardship, I may be able to offer some concession on these fees. WINZ can contribute towards osteopathy costs if your GP initiates this. But you need to contact WINZ and do the paperwork — I won't be able to do this for you. I will give you receipts for each treatment. You pay each time for each appointment — then reclaim your treatment fees.

You can pay by EFTPOS, cash, or by internet bank transfer.
Payment by credit card will incur an additional 3% charge.

Internet bank transfers: KiwiBank 38-9008 0219470-00 (account name: Christchurch Osteopathy Acupuncture Limited). Just write COA Ltd for the account name.

If paying by bank transfer, the transfer should be made before 5.00pm on the day of your Osteopathy appointment, or the day before.

These fees offer exceptional value for an experienced practitioner, after-hours and real time internet bookings. You can easily choose the appointment time that suits you best, and book in yourself online. In addition you benefit from a treatment time of 30-40 minutes (longer than physiotherapy, chiropractic and some osteopaths). Also, if required and/or requested you can receive Acupuncture in addition to Osteopathy (with no additional fee).


Medical insurance may cover Osteopathy fees. Fees (or ACC surcharges) need to be paid at the time of the appointment, and reclaimed by you from your insurance. The exception to this is Southern Cross insurance, where I can invoice them directly. If you have Southern cross insurance, please bring your easy-claim card with you.




Contact phone numbers: 03 980 2425 or 021 043 6282

Email: mikeinmanosteopath at yahoo dot com

Please try to book online.
Phone only when essential.
Text is best.




03 980 2425
021 043 6282

03 980 2425
021 043 6282


Please try to book online.
Phone only when essential.
Text is best.

03 980 2425

021 043 6282