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Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) provides personal injury cover for all New Zealanders and also temporary visitors. You will need to fill out a form when you visit your Osteopath (or GP).

When your claim is approved by ACC, a certain number of treatments are allocated for your osteopathy or acupuncture treatment, depending on the type of injury that has occurred.

ACC pays a portion of your treatment costs, while you also pay a portion of the treatment cost (the ACC surcharge or co-payment).

ACC may also be able to assist with any travel expenses.

If you have any questions about your ACC claim, please call the ACC Helpline on 0800 101 996 or visit their website.



BOOK NOW change/cancel  ONLINE (tap/click here)

DON'T phone with enquiries (only when essential / emergency). 
If you need to come TODAY and diary is full (or change / cancel)  
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Email: mikeinmanosteopath at yahoo dot com



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