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“Do not look at me. Take what is in my hand.”

Michael Inman

Michael (Mike) Inman was born, and educated in the United Kingdom, and trained in osteopathy for 5 years in London, England, gaining a BSc (hons) degree in osteopathy and registration with the General Osteopathic Council in the UK. Later, wanting a change and further adventure, Mike emigrated to New Zealand in 2008 to take advantage of a dream job offer and the great outdoor lifestyle and sports culture available here in NZ. However, during his time in the UK, Mike was very fortunate also to be able to study traditional acupuncture both in London, and then later in China at a teaching hospital there. Mike is very grateful for all his time spent living in London (and elsewhere) which gave him tremendous opportunities to intensively study and train in both these (and other, e.g. Chinese medical herbalism, naturopathy, shiatsu, qigong, etc) healing disciplines (both acupuncture and osteopathy) ending up with a double qualification and two professional registrations (one in osteopathy, one in acupuncture).
Now established (from 2010) in Christchurch (also known locally as Chch), Mike works as an osteopath and acupuncturist entirely from his own busy osteopathy clinic in Avonside, Linwood, Christchurch.

Outside of work as an osteopath, naturopath and acupuncturist, Mike is a Family man and tries to be the best possible Dad he can be.  You will notice a shorter working week during school holidays.  Yes, there are still (some) Osteopathy appointments available - but on a restricted number of days, due to Mike's co-parenting and childcare time. And it’s always a good idea to book a few days ahead, especially if you want an After-Hours osteopath appointment, or weekend appointment.  Just trying your luck ‘on the day’ can lead to disappointment. Please try to book a day or two in advance. Please use the online booking diary.

Mike can often be seen at the local beach, walking his two Labradoodles - and Mike enjoys a healthy outdoor lifestyle, and considers South Island NZ one of the best places in the world to live and bring up his family. Mike is keen on sport and outdoor activity, but these days spends an increasing amount of his personal training time, on his dedicated Iyengar Yoga practice, or core-strength and flexibility.

Mike also teaches mindfulness-based pain-management courses, at once or twice a year at the Risingholme Community Center in Opawa.
Please enquire and book for these by using the  Risingholme website or phoning  03 332 7359.

Although showing great empathy...

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...for your condition or injury, and listening...

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...very carefully when taking your medical history, Mike approaches Osteopathy and Acupuncture as far more than just palliative treatment, and Mike takes a ‘whole person’ approach 'body-mind-heart' which is entirely consistent with the principles of Osteopathy and Traditional Acupuncture – and with all traditional healing systems.

It is not really possible to 'heal' one part alone, at least without some appreciation of all the 'other' parts of the person.  According to traditional acupuncture (and osteopathic principles also) it’s not really possible to separate mental from physical health. Mike always remembers from his school days in England, and old saying from his old Latin teacher (Mike had to endure a classical, rather conservative education at an English public school, which admittedly did have some merits, and perhaps has been sadly lost)...  'Mens sana in corpore sano' which translates as 'healthy mind in a healthy body'.  The ancients it seems perfectly understood this (as have all healing traditions in every culture!). How sad that this obvious fact seems to have been lost or forgotten in modern biomedicine!

Mike's training, of course, is in Osteopathy and Acupuncture, not formally in Counselling or Client-centered therapy. However, Mike is currently engaged in a professional psychosynthesis training here in NZ.  For this please see and Mike's reasons for choosing this direction and focus is that sometimes (perhaps even often) with chronic pain and other health conditions there can be some kind of 'emotional charge' or dysregulation held in the tissues, and the body seems to store and retain 'events' and 'memories' and 'life-patterns' which may be part of the overall health picture, and as such, can impede a person's optimum health potential and full recovery.  Osteopaths such as John Upledger talk about 'tissue-memory' and the great pioneer British osteopath John Martin Littlejohn used to say that 'the body is the graveyard of emotion'.  And most doctors and clinicians (and certainly patients!) can recognise the reality of 'stress-related illness' where conditions are certainly exaggerated (and possibly even originally created) from life-stress and unfavourable mental-emotional reactions, life-events, exhaustion, fatigue, lack of support and/or connection, etc.

Having said all this - please however respect professional boundaries and clinic times and (other people's) appointments.
Please understand that phoning Mike unnecessarily will inevitably interrupt another patient's treatment.

These days it can certainly be difficult to get to talk to a 'real' person - but Mike does this during YOUR appointment time,  not outside of it.  Please keep any phone enquiry as brief as possible: just tell Mike the day you want to come for your appointment.
For emergency counselling,  if you're desperate to talk to 'a real person' try 1737 as a free call or text.

Although Mike trained as an osteopath, not a specialist exercise physiologist, Mike tries to be a 'personal trainer' osteopath, as much as possible and will often suggest core-strength, pilates, or specific rehabilitation exercise to improve your recovery time, and return to your best possible function, from any type of chronic pain or injury.

Despite what you may be presently going through in terms of pain, stress, or reduced function, Mike sees his role as an Osteopath as including pain education and rehabilitation, and sees the larger role of Osteopathy (or acupuncture) as far more than just hands-on treatment.

Mike tries to focus a treatment and recovery plan on best outcomes (e.g. return to work, little or no pain) and as an Osteopath Mike will always discourage dependency on frequent or prolonged osteopathy or acupuncture treatment.
Although it may be a good idea to book in, and make an appointment, to see me (or another osteopath) to discuss your requirements, please always try to book online to make your appointment. There is really not much I can say to someone over the phone, when I have never met you! Starting to tell me your medical history or the nature of your injury over the phone doesn't help, as I won't be taking notes, or writing it down. Please click on the link above, or below, to make your appointment. If you do have an inquiry, email is best.
Email: mikeinmanosteopath at gmail dot com

Please book online.
Phone only when essential.
03 980 2425 or 021 043 6282
Text is best.

For all ADMIN: please email mikeinmanosteopath at gmail dot com
Please do NOT phone for admin purposes (Fax or email is best) as this interrupts patient's treatments.
Fax: 03 980 2425



  • BSc (hons) Osteopathy (UK)
  • Diploma in Acupuncture (London, UK)
  • Diploma in Acupuncture (China)
  • Post-graduate certificate in Chinese herbal medicine (UK)


Memberships and Registrations

  • Registered with the Osteopathic Council New Zealand
  • Member of the Institute of Classical Osteopathy (UK)
  • Member of Acupuncture New Zealand
  • Registered in Western Medical Acupuncture, Osteopathic Council New Zealand


Complementary skills

  • Cranial therapist and cranial osteopath 
  • Naturopath and Herbalist
  • Remedial exercise — pilates, Tai Chi and yoga
  • Mindfulness-based pain management trainer. For details see Pain Management
  • Currently training in psychosynthesis



Mike has over 30 years' clinical experience in acupuncture and musculoskeletal medicine.


Although perhaps not directly related to osteopathy, here are some links for a (younger) Mike doing (teaching) Tai Chi with friends in England.

Show video: Tai Chi

Show video: Yang Style Tai Chi

Show video: Tai Chi pushing hands




03 980 2425
021 043 6282

03 980 2425
021 043 6282


Please try to book online.
Phone only when essential.
Text is best.

03 980 2425

021 043 6282