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Handbook of Osteopathic Technique

“Handbook of Osteopathic Technique”

Laurie S. Hartman
Springer, 1996. 3rd edition (January 1, 1996)
ISBN 978-0412623103, 0412623102
Paperback. 282 pages.

Perspective: Osteopathy, Manipulative medicine


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This book by Professor Laurie Hartman still remains a classic in its field, which clear step-by-step deconstruction and demonstration of osteopathic technique and osteopathic manipulation.

Topics include Somatic Dysfunction, musculo-skeletal diagnosis, and classification of Osteopathic and manual therapy techniques, patient handling and operator posture and stance. Hartman classifies Osteopathic technique in various categories: e.g. stretching, articulation, effleurage, inhibition, springing, traction, vibration, and thrust techniques, and contraindications and precautions to be observed. Indirect technique is also covered: e.g. cranio-sacral technique, functional technique, gentle therapeutic manipulation. Harmonic technique, muscle energy, myofascial, neuromuscular technique, specific adjustment technique, strain and counterstrain and visceral technique is also discussed.

However, the main portion of this book is devoted to covering in great detail a full range of traditional osteopathic high velocity low amplitude thrust techniques (manipulation) the principals of joint ‘locking’ and how to achieve best ‘tissue bind’. Chapters are divided into techniques for the lumbar spine, sacro-illiac and gluteal region, coccyx, thoracic spine and ribs, cervico-thoracic junction area, clavicle, shoulder, and upper extremity, cervical spine, occiput, sinuses and temporo-mandibular joints. A range of technique for treatment and articulation for the knee and foot is also mentioned.

There is a tremendous range of technique and variations covered, for almost every area of the body. Invaluable for both the Osteopathic student and experienced Osteopath as a reference manual and technique guide.



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