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Mindfulness for Health

“Mindfulness for Health”

Dr. Danny Penman & Vidyamala Burch
'A practical guide to Relieving pain, reducing stress and restoring wellbeing'
Little, Brown Book Group, 2013.
ISBN 074995924X, 978-0749959241

Perspective: Mindfulness, Health, Personal growth


Selected excerpts:

“Mindfulness-Based Pain Management uses ancient meditations that were largely unknown in the West until recently. A typical meditation involves focusing on the breath as it flows into and out of the body...”

“This allows you to see your mind and body in action, to observe painful sensations as they arise and to let go of struggling with them.”

“The mind has tremendous control over the sensations of pain that you consciously feel and how unpleasant they are. It has a volume control that governs both the intensity and duration of the sensations of pain.”


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Reviews posted:

An excellent and highly practical book (with a CD of guided mindfulness-meditations) and a very good introduction to this genre. Vidyamala Burch has made a in depth personal study of mindfulness-based pain-management, as she has been living in chronic pain for over 30 years. The book elaborates and explains the mechanisms of how mindfulness can help with physical pain, in a straightforward and easily accessible way, using simple non-academic language (yet this book is also well referenced with a great deal of recent research, showing the efficacy of mindfulness-based approaches).

If you are an older person, or a younger one who lives with pain (from injury or a medical condition) or stress — then this is an excellent choice, as the best book to buy on this subject.

Of course, mindfulness is a practical application and practice, and simply reading books (or this website) is not enough! As Jon Kabat-Zinn once said: 'Just do it'. Or as Sharon Saltzberg is reputed to have commented: 'Mindfulness is not difficult. We just have to remember to do it.'



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