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Visceral Manipulation

“Visceral Manipulation”

Jean-Pierre Barral & Pierre Mercier
Eastland Press, 2006. 1 Revised edition (February 15, 2006)
ISBN 978-0939616527, 0939616521
Hardcover. 214 pages.

Perspective: Osteopathy, Manipulative medicine, Visceral Osteopathy


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This is Barral’s first book (co-authored with Pierre Mercier) and covers the basic concepts of Osteopathic Visceral manipulation, the Nervous system, Craniosacral rhythm, visceral motility, restrictions, mobility testing, direct and indirect techniques. The chapters of the book cover a description of the functional anatomy of and range of techniques for the thoracic and abdominopelvic cavities, liver and biliary system, esophagus and stomach, small intestine, the colon, kidneys, perineum and bladder, female reproductive system, and coccyx.

The central tenet of Osteopathic Visceral manipulation is that the internal organs also have a strong relationship between structure and function, just as the musculoskeletal system does. Furthermore, manipulation of the viscera can be used beneficially in the treatment of internal organ dysfunction.

This book will be of great interest to both the student osteopath and seasoned osteopath practitioner wishing to expand their range of osteopathic technique to include the visceral field.



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