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Medical Herbalism

Western — European, and the hybrid North American School of the last century. These herbalists call themselves ‘medical herbalists’ as they often have a degree of three or more years to qualify, and make a full and thorough study of modern western biomedical medicine. The concentrated herbs are often stored and dispensed in alcohol as a tincture — so you will be given a liquid (or drops) to drink when added to water.

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Most herbs can be found on the internet, yet exercise judgement with sites that are selling, as their descriptions may be biased, extolling the virtues of a particular herb (or supplement). You may find a site such as Wikipedia to give more impartial and better quality information.

There are also many many books on this subject.

Although not for beginners, and perhaps only suitable for herbalists, or those with a strong interest in Herbs, try: Jeremy Ross (2010) Combining Western Herbs and Chinese Medicine. A Clinical Materia Medica, 120 Herbs in Western Use, ISBN 978-3-927344-92-1



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