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Back Pain and Posture

Many people consult an osteopath when they experience back pain or other muscular pain, perhaps caused by unaccustomed exertion, effort or strain. These pains can be symptomatic of a much earlier failure of the structure itself. 

Show video: Treating low back pain (cranial-sacral)

Many of us lead sedentary lives, with many hours spent sitting — at work, whilst driving, or watching TV — and this leads to poor posture. Consequently our muscles work hard trying to compensate, working hard to correct abnormalities. For example, if the muscles in front around the abdomen are weak, then the muscles around the back may have to work very hard to maintain the support necessary for the spinal column.

Locating and treating the pain with painkillers is relatively straightforward — however osteopathy goes deeper to diagnose and treat the underlying causes and altered biomechanics that created the symptoms.

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