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Children & Infants

Osteopathy is a gentle and safe treatment for children from Newborns to the teenage years.

Often, but not exclusively, Osteopathic treatment is through cranial techniques: holding the head and sacrum and working through the spinal column to unwind any facial restrictions in the soft-tissues and the dural membranes.

Other physical therapy and osteopathic technique in the treatment of children and infants involves gentle articulation of the body, spine and extremities. Treatment is gentle, safe and non-invasive.

At this present time, I myself do not treat children under the age of five years old.

However, for newborns and infants, and children under five years old, here in Christchurch I can recommend:

Christina Creek

Osteopaths on Ensors & Wairaki
7 Ensor's Rd, Opawa — 03 377 5115
195 Wairaki Rd, Christchurch — 03 351 8562

Sarah Wisson

Canterbury Osteopaths
Helios Medical Centre
275 Fifield Terrace
St Martins, Christchurch
03 332 5702

Amanda Viedma-Dodd

Barrington Osteopathic Clinic
259 Barrington St
Spreydon, Christchurch
03 332 5636


Halswell Clinic
326 Halswell Rd
Halswell, Christchurch
03 322 4506

Kath Scott
Russel Johns

Moorhouse Osteopathic Centre
1/7 Pilgrim Place, Christchurch
03 377 97 00

Richard Janssen


Northlands Osteopath
221 Innes Road, St Albans, Christchurch, 8052
03 356 2436



To find an Osteopath elsewhere who specialises in the treatment of children try:


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