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What will happen on my first visit?

You benefit from seeing a musculoskeletal specialist and the consultation will be similar to that of any registered medical practitioner. You receive a more personal and thorough treatment in a more relaxing and less stressful environment.

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A detailed case history is taken, how your symptoms began, what affects them, health problems, accidents or injuries, medications, surgeries and lifestyle habits. Some appropriate clothing may sometimes be asked to be removed in order to conduct a physical examination. It is a good idea to wear loose fitting clothing for treatment, or bring shorts and a T-shirt to change into.

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Neurological, orthopaedic, cardiovascular etc examinations may also be performed, where relevant. Osteopathic evaluation of your body’s biomechanics (structure, posture and physical movements) would then conclude the examination, leading to a diagnosis. If necessary, further investigations such as X-rays, blood tests, MRI scanning etc may be required for referral. Diagnosis, clinical findings and an appropriate treatment plan with projected recovery will be explained and discussed.

For your first consultation it is helpful if you bring with you any medical reports, X-rays or current medication.



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