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Although my original training was as an Osteopath and Acupuncturist (not a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist) often effective rehabilitation and exercise prescription can be crucial to full recovery. There are times when an absence of this, and dependency of physical therapy alone (osteopathy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, massage) will not bring optimal results and full recovery.

Specific pacing and exercise has to be personally tailored for your own current requirements, pain level and injury, by an appropriate health-professional (specialist physiotherapist, osteopath, exercise physiologist, etc) who has had specific training in pain-education, pacing and exercise prescription.

For you to return to full function, it is important not just to overdo it, be overly ambitious, try to do 'to much too soon', and to 'push through the pain' in a vain attempt to return to full (pain-free) function as soon as possible.

Although admirable, this 'tough it out' approach, stoicism (or foolhardiness) can sometimes have the reverse effect, and prolong pain, dysfunction and injury through increased sensitisation where the nervous system becomes increasingly 'wired' to amplify the pain perceived from the original injury and the original tissue damage incurred.

Often your sepcific rehabilitation exercise program has to quite limited to begin with, perhaps at a far lower level than one might expect. This is to prevent 'flare-ups' and exacerbations which can easily result from pushing your body too far, too quickly.

Pacing and exercise and pain education, of course, can be used in many situations, not just injury and chronic pain. Rehabilitation can be essential to bring the best possible recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome.

And there are definitely times when very poor levels of fitness (poor muscle tone, weak core strength etc) can be a major predisposing factor to chronic back pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc.

It is, of course, impossible to generalize here, as we are all different, with different levels of fitness, and different constitutional strengths and weaknesses. The important thing for you will be to live with very little (or minimal pain) and to return to best possible function as quickly as possible. It may be a good idea to book in, and make an appointment, to see me (or a specialist osteopath or physiotherapist) at least once, to discuss your requirements, and project a recovery plan.

Please always try to book online to make your appointment. There is really very little I can possibly say over the phone, when I have never met you! Telling me your medical history on the phone won't really help, as I won't be taking notes, or writing it down. Please click on the link above to make your appointment.

As far as possible I try to be a 'personal trainer' osteopath, and will often suggest a specific exercise / rehabilitation program, that may include core strength, pilates, or specific rehabilitation exercise to improve your recovery time, and return to your best possible function from any type of chronic pain or injury.

Despite what you may be presently going through in terms of pain, stress, or reduced function, the scope of Osteopathy does include pain education and rehabilitation, as I have outlined.

The role of Osteopathy (or acupuncture) is far greater than just hands-on treatment. The extended osteopathic treatment and management plan is to focus treatment and recovery on best outcomes: e.g. return to work, improved function, little or no pain, etc.

As an Osteopath, for your best and fastest possible recovery, I will always discourage dependency on frequent or prolonged osteopathy or acupuncture treatment. Of course, this has to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

And yes, I know, there are times where maintainance (osteopathic, acupuncture) treatment my be required. And yes, I know that many osteopaths (and especially chiropractors) seem to work only to this model. (In fact, maintainance treatment seems to be the chiropractic model). Yet my concern here, is always about your own best interests, and what treatment and management plan will work best for your own situation.



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