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Mindful Asthma

As every Asthma sufferer knows, asthma can be a distressing affliction, and the anxiety and stress can compound the shortness of breath further, and exacerbate the asthma.

Mindful breathing may be helpful for asthmatics according to some research which sates 'lasting and clinically significant improvements in asthma-related quality of life and stress in patients with persistent asthma, without improvements in lung function.', and here.

Although I'm not a buteyko trainer, a regular breathing mindfulness practice may produce helpful long term outcomes for asthma sufferers. Of course inhalers must be used as before (and carried at all times) but one may find, hopefully, that one doesn't need them quite as much. Of course, your GP must always be consulted before any change of medication is contemplated.

Learning mindfulness of breathing and the relaxation and deeper breathing that this involves can probably help improve poor breathing habits, and help with asthma (and the stress and distress compounding it).

For more on this, please see my Courses page for local courses here in Christchurch.

There appears to be some evidence that mindfulness helps with asthma, see here. There is also some evidence that Osteopathic treatment and manual therapy may help with asthma, see here. Acupuncture may also help asthmatics, according to some research, although the findings appear inconclusive, see here.

To summarize: empirically some people have found Osteopathy helpful  (even though, admittedly the evidence base appears inconclusive). Evaluation of poor breathing patterns and rib mechanics, and (mindfulness) training, and appropriate treatment and exercise to try to help improve these might be beneficial.

Mindfulness training, relaxation methods and improved breathing, can probably all help with asthma, as can, to some extent, physical therapy, e.g. physiotherapy, osteopathy and acupuncture.  Perhaps a combination of all the above might bring the best results.  Medication must still be carried at all times, and no change made or contemplated without consulting your GP or medical specialist.

You may also wish to read my Allergies and Asthma page.



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