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We do NOT sell TENS machines from the clinic.

TENS Machines

If you are in a lot of pain, from an acute injury, or you have a chronic pain condition, or are recovering from recent surgery, then a TENS machine (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is a safe, effective, drug-free way to manage your pain, sleep well, and maintain a normal life.

TENS machines can also be used safely during pregnancy, labour and childbirth.

TENS machines can sometimes be hired from pharmacies. However TENS machines are now inexpensive here in NZ, and you can easily buy them on Trademe for around $25. I cannot give you the exact link to the page here — as it will always keep expiring every week or so. However, please follow this link to Trademe, and put TENS machine in the search box.

There is also this UK site, which has a good selection — but you will have to pay higher postage to NZ, and it could take several weeks to arrive. See: TMS Healthcare.

Please note that I do not sell TENS machines here at this clinic. I am not a shop. The clinic here is for Osteopathy and Acupuncture. If you wish to become a patient for osteopathy and/or acupuncture this will probably be very helpful if you are in pain.

In extenuating circumstances, I may be able to sell you a new TENS machine if you are a patient, for immediate emergency use (although perhaps at almost twice the price than you will pay online for a similar TENS machine) if you are a patient here, or become a patient here for osteopathy or acupuncture. I do not sell TENS machines to members of the public.

Best buy your machine, online, using the above links.

Acupuncture is highly effective to treat pain, and promote tissue healing, and I often use TENS together with Acupuncture to enhance the analgesic, pain-reducing effect. The advantage of Acupuncture is specific action on the site of tissue damage, and a knowledge of pain-referral patterns, together with good electrical conductivity and the needles being able to get closer to the effected underlying tissues, ligaments, joint capsule, disc, etc.

You may also visit the CALM site for guided meditations for pain-management (Breathworks).



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