Inversion Frames

Inversion Frames can be particularly helpful for many (but certainly not all) type back pain and some types of spinal injury. It is never 'one size fits all' (which is only a good principle for people trying to sell their particular product) and what works for one person, may not work for you. So generally it's probably a good idea to come and see an Osteopath — at least once — if you suffer from back pain.

For those of you reading this here in Christchurch, rumor has it that Inversion frames can be found at Riccarton Market for as little as $150. This is probably a kit that you have to assemble yourself (or ask a family member to assemble for you) — but the same would be true if you brought and inversion frame online. I can't really give you links (as they would tend to go out of date) and I can't endorse any particular brand or product. You need to try what works for you. Buying from a shop has the advantage that you can try out the Inversion frame before you pay your money.

I do NOT sell Inversion Frames at my clinic (my clinic is for Osteopathy and Acupuncture).

You need to do your own online research and shopping. But having said this — please feel free to look at these links:


Yoga Inversions

There is said to be great benefits from practicing the yoga 'inversions', and these are the 'shoulder-stand', the 'head-stand', and the variations of these classic poses, plus of course other inversions such as the 'pinch-mayurasana' or elbow stand variant of a head-stand — but this is not really a head-stand as the head is not supposed to be contacting the mat! A warning here: The 'Pincha Mayurasana' is an advanced yoga inversion, and generally it takes a few years of a dedicated yoga practice to build up to this. Even the (perhaps easier) Headstand is also NOT a beginners posture. You will need instruction, and the guidance of a proper teacher (a yoga teacher — rather than a 'personal trainer' — who may only have had minimal training).

The caveat again here, of course — and I cannot stress this enough — is that one should never attempt to perform these advanced yoga postures without the guidance and supervision of a qualified teacher — and definitely not with any neck issues or injuries (cervical spondylosis or brachial plexus injury, etc) or any history of these, or similar issues/ injuries. There are neck injuries and conditions where additional compression on the neck would be counterproductive, even dangerous. Your Osteopath or physiotherapist should be able to advice you on any planned exercise, and when to return to exercise, and what kind of exercise would be appropriate and safe.

Of course, there is usually a way of training with injury, under the supervision of an experienced personal trainer — but one should always be assessed by and be guided by an experienced osteopath or physiotherapist also.

MRIs and other medical imaging can be helpful — but it is usually best that your osteopath (or physiotherapist, or musculoskeletal specialist) helps plan your recovery and rehabilitation, particularly after serious injury. And any neck or spinal injury has the potential to be a serious one.

Again CAUTION is always advised — and I cannot stress this enough. If something doesn't feel right — don't do it!
When in doubt stop. Never attempt to push though the pain.

Disclaimer: whilst every effort has been made to demonstrate these movements (as shown in the video clips) in as safe a way as possible, no responsibility can be taken for any injury caused, or aggravated, by doing, or attempting to do, any of these movements or exercises. A major reason for presenting the video clips in this Chapter is to present as safe a series of exercises as possible. However, please use your own judgement, and only do, or attempt to do something that you feel OK with, without any pain or stiffness.
No responsibility can be taken for any injury you may sustain from attempting to perform any of these exercises. Some links are from other sites, and caution and self-responsibility at all times, is also advised. Ideally, always try to find a local class, with a competent and qualified teacher. This also ensures ‘safety’ as someone can keep an eye on you, to ensure you are doing everything properly, safely, and getting the best from your practice.




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