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Mindfulness, Health & Fitness

Show video: Knee hugs and leg rotation

The following videos present simple, safe, effective stretches, core-stability and rehabilitation exercises. You will hear me use the word “mindfulness” meaning that I want you to concentrate entirely on what you are doing, listen to what your body is trying to tell you, and work within your limits — rather than willfully pushing yourself: admirable: but the ‘dialogue’ must go both ways — listen to what your body is telling you!

Show video: Back stretching and mindfulness

Without Mindfulness, injury and overstrain are easier: with mindfulness, concentration and attention to what you are doing you will gradually get to know the fine boundaries of your body’s limitations and avoid unnecessary pain and injury.

Show video: Back bends and mindfulness

With Mindfulness you will gradually work it out for yourself, what your limits are before pain or burnout. Perhaps this is how many people learn, the hard way, by their bodies producing pain and injury. After all — what else would make us stop and listen? Pain and suffering can be a wake up call. If we could listen beforehand, be more aware and mindful — then couldn’t this avoid a lot of unnecessary heartache?

Show video: Mindfulness with back bends and forward bends



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